SEO tips from the experts’ 2013 – The content have to be good

SEO Tip of Geir Ellefsen

I think it is time, with respect to SEO not to think in small scales. SEOs need to see the big picture and cannot get lost in the small details. Build better websites engaged you in social and focuses you on your content.

indexSEO Tips by Barry Schwartz

SEOs should focus on providing unique, quality content that attracts links naturally. At the same time, they should spend more time to focus on social factors. Google+ is obviously truly big, so far, it has not really, but Google has a lot of it. Facebook and Twitter already generate a lot of traffic, and it is likely that they will continue to gain influence. Search engines will view them as a growing factor in terms of trust and relevance.

SEO Tips by Jon Cooper

We should focus on what we do, what sets the scale, measure its legitimacy as a long-term tactics and everything else, if necessary adapt, to the effect. There will be more and more changes in the algorithms. Because algorithms discover patterns, and patterns because of something to come, what is repeatable (ie measurable), we should focus on the things that leave no trace. indexTherefore, scaling is increasingly less relative to tactics and more on the process.

SEO Tips by Neil Patel

If you create a good product that people love, it is good. The content have to be created to benefit from it , and thus it to induces a good experience for the users, then your site will gain in the long run and probably it will enjoy a good ranking.

SEO Tip from Andrew Knibbe

We believe that in 2013, a year that is not much different from the previous ones. Backlinks and content quality are still critical. SEOs should also keep an eye on how social signals are affected in 2013 to the ranking in search engines.

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